“Children of Asia”: worthy results of representatives of the Turkmen figure skating

“Children of Asia”: worthy results of representatives of the Turkmen figure skating


At the Kristall Palace in the regional center of the Sakhalin region of the Russian Federation, the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Ist International Winter Sport Games “Children of Asia” are continued. This modern ice complex that meets all world requirements to sports facilities, hosts today the Women’s Single Skating competition to win the next set of medals.

We will be watching the Free Skating program, which is skated after the short program. Its duration, according to the ISU, is 3 1/2 minutes +/- 10 second for junior skaters.

As per ISU, a free skating program for single skaters “consists of a well-balanced program of Free Skating elements, such as jumps, spins, steps and other linking movements executed with a minimum of two footed skating in harmony with music of the Competitor’s choice”. Skaters and coach have “complete freedom” to select any free skating elements they choose; the sum of the elements make up an entire free skating program. All the elements must be linked together by connecting different steps and other free skating movements.

Often, the free skating program is a kind of mini-performance, with its plot and a fascinating storyline. Despite “complete freedom”, there are list of necessary elements, like jumps, spins etc., that should be included into free skating program.

Today Ayna Ekeeva is third in the first group. Despite young age, last time, the talented schoolgirl from Ashgabat has been praised a lot by spectators in the hall after performance of her short program.

In a few minutes the competition will start; the stands are nearly full. The first five participants start to warming-up. Ayna will perform the free program in a green dress.

The name and surname of the figure skater of Turkmenistan is announced The musical performance begins. Having managed with quite natural excitement, Ayna perfectly performs the free program. Having taken a seat next to the coach – Karina Movsesyan – the girl is looking forward to the final evaluations from the referee team.

For the free skating program, skaters receive two marks for each performance – a “technical” score and a “program components” score – that are added together to form a composite score. The skater with the highest composite score wins.

Here are the long-awaited results. After two performances – a short and free program – the representative of Turkmenistan receives 59.57 points that put her to the second intermediate place in total count of figure skaters.

Larisa Vahitova is second in the third group, so she will be 12th out of 33 participants to perform the free program.

Larisa is welcomed on the ice. Today Larisa is in a suit with orange-yellow flowers and black leggings. From the very first seconds, she very confidently performs the complex elements of her free program, excluding any serious mistake.

As a result, she takes the second place after the performance of 12 participants in the single skating competition. After two performances, Larisa Vahitova got 90.46 points! As of now, only the representative of Hong Kong is ahead of our figure skater.

After the performance of the figure skater, we talked with her coach, Yana Vahitova.

– Yana, what would you say about performance of your ward, your daughter?

– Today we presented the program at the level of candidates for master of sports. Larisa’s program comprised of 11 elements. The skating was very clean, without falling. For the first time, in an international tournament, we performed triple jump, double axel, two cascades, a path of steps etc.

– Did you have a jet-lag? What with the change in nutrition? How it affected to your training session?

– Of course, we were in need of some time to get used with the frosts. Except this, everything, including food, is fine here. The sport event is organized at the high level.


Thus, after two days of competition, the performance of Turkmen figure skaters can be described more than successful. Turkmen figure skating is on the right way gradually developing and starting to declare itself in the international arena.

Tomorrow, on February 16, “Children of Asia – 2019” games will have its last day of competitions, which will be ended with a colorful closing ceremony of the winter sports forum.