Chemical Company Dow will make plastic from plastic

Chemical Company Dow will make plastic from plastic

The world manufacturer of plastic and chemical production – Company Dow (USA) – announced an agreement with the Fuenix Ecogy Group (Netherlands) for the supply of pyrolysis oil feedstock, which is made from recycled plastic waste. And the processed plastic becomes these raw materials.

Pyrolysis oil – a base product for manufacture of polymers. As the basic raw materials for it hydrocarbons – oil and gas serve. But the agreement between Dow and Fuenix should change all.

The feedstock will be used to produce new polymers at Dow’s production facilities at Terneuzen, The Netherlands.. According to the statement of Dow, they will be identical to products produced from traditional feedstocks, and as such, they can be used in the same applications, including food packaging.

– We believe plastics are too valuable to be lost as waste and should be part of the circular economy, said Diego Donoso, business president for Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics.

Thanks to the concluded agreement, Dow will incorporate at least 100,000 metric tons of recycled plastics in its product offerings sold in the European Union by 2025.

Sirt Mellema, CEO Fuenix commented: “This partnership offers us the opportunity to scale up our technology. Our ambition is to ensure the value of plastic waste is fully used to create new, circular plastic while significantly reducing the global use of virgin raw materials and CO2 emissions.

Dow With partners in South America, supports the development of construction materials made with recycled plastics for schools, and in Southeast Asia, Mexico and the United States, we have built roads made with recycled plastics. In partnership with the South American companies already participates in manufacture of building materials from the processed plastic for schools.

But the agreement with Fuenix will bring these initiatives from regional to the global level, indeed, all production of Dow is sold worldwide.