Central Asia in the face of the challenges of global disorder: Forum in Samarkand

Central Asia in the face of the challenges of global disorder: Forum in Samarkand

The X Asian Conference of the Valdai International Discussion Club on the theme “Central Asia and Eurasia: multilateral cooperation in the face of the challenges of global disorder” has started in Samarkand.

According to the Uzbek media, the forum participants will discuss the global agenda issues, objective assessment of global political and economic processes, and strengthening ties between the intellectual elite of the world and Central Asia.

The conference, over the years, has become an important platform for expert discussions on regional problems and common global challenges. The issues of international security and macro-regional stability are of special attention on the agenda of the forum.

The conference is significant due to the fact that today Asia is becoming one of the most important geopolitical centers of the modern world and plays an important role in ensuring global economic development.

When discussing the principles of interaction between Asian countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech at the plenary session of the Valdai Club’s 2019 Annual Meeting, actually described the new world order of the future. The participants of the X Asian Conference will analyze the views of world and regional leaders; share their ideas regarding the future of this space.

The Valdai Discussion Club was established in 2004. Since then, it has gained an international reputation as a think tank and discussion forum between leading world experts and Russian scientists, politicians and government officials. Today, the club’s activities are focused mainly on the study of global political and economic processes. More than 1000 experts from 74 countries have participated in the Club since its first meeting.

Despite its relatively young age, the Valdai Club is recognized by the international expert community as one of the most respected discussion platform.

The Tribune of the Valdai Club is of special interest in this regard, as the Club brings together the best experts, analysts and specialists in various fields from around the world who have a certain influence and participate in decision-making processes on the most important issues of the world economy and politics.