Central Asia as the main tourist trend of 2020 – Lonely Planet

Central Asia as the main tourist trend of 2020 – Lonely Planet

In the annual rating of the best places for travel «Best in Travel 2020» well-known American-Australian travel guide Lonely Planet has chosen Central Asia as the region of the year for tourist trips.

The edition recommends to travellers to visit Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

– This region, once enriched by world trade and travellers, was again in the centre of world attention. The ancient cities, bustling bazaars and wild landscapes of Central Asia are attracting more and more visitors looking for adventure on one of the most legendary travel routes in history, as is marked in the publication.

The definition of Central Asia as the main region of 2020 on the tourist map was result of changes and the investments directed to modernisation of the industry of travel and hospitality in its countries.

– Huge investments in transport and infrastructure make traveling along the great Silk Road more accessible than ever before, – marks the edition.

Turkmen travel agencies also offer also tours to the heart of the desert heart – a gas crater «Light of the Kara Kum», excursions to unique canyons of Yangikala and a trip to the traces of dinosaurs in the mountains of Koytendag and many other unique places.

In the top ten regions of the world that Lonely Planet recommends for visiting tourists in 2020, following Central Asia are also Marche (Italy), Tohoku (Japan), Maine (USA), Lord Howe Island (Australia), Guizhou (China), Bahia de Cadiz (Spain), Northeast Argentina, Kvarner Bay (Croatia), Brazilian Amazon.