Cellist of Turkmenistan became a laureate of the International Competition

Cellist of Turkmenistan became a laureate of the International Competition

The International Competition for Children and Youth Creativity has come to an end in the Italian city of San Remo, where representatives of more than 30 countries from around the world, including Turkmenistan, took part. Cellist Aylara Annamuradova, a third-year student of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva became a second degree laureate, having performed the first part of the first cello concert by Dmitry Shostakovich.

According to the rules of the European talent competition, teachers and accompanists of soloists are awarded commemorative diplomas. Thus, the successful performance of a cellist of Turkmenistan was an assessment of her mentors’ work. Along with Aylara, cello teacher Kakageldi Hojalekov and accompanist Jennet Hudaykuliyeva were awarded certificates of honor.

– I have long wanted to take part in an international competition in order to assess my professional abilities”, Aylara Annamuradova says. – And now, thanks to cello teacher Kakageldi Hojalekov, my dream has come true. An excerpt from the concert by Shostakovich is only 7 minutes long, but playing even one piece requires long hours of rehearsals.

According to Aylara, the cello is one of the most complex instruments, and the point is not in size, but in the performance technique. Entering a special music school, Aylara dreamed of a violin, but the future teacher by profession Jemal Muhamedova noticed a certain different talent in the girl.

– “You can do more”, the teacher told me. And I, trusting her instinct, began to study at the cello class. At the start, it was very difficult for me, and I could not get used to the instrument and feel its depth. And then, with the help of rehearsals, practicing finger and bow techniques, everything came by itself. As a result, my first teacher Jemal Mukamedova gave me a good knowledge base, which I developed in the subsequent years.

No symphony orchestra is possible without a cello, https://orient.tm/dialogi-o-violoncheli/. So a student of the Turkmen National Conservatory has been for several years combining her study with practice at the State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev.