Caspian Convention checked up on authenticity of the texts

Caspian Convention checked up on authenticity of the texts

The regular meeting in the Caspian format, held recently in Moscow, was devoted to the further alignment of the draft Convention on the legal status of the sea.

High-level representatives of the host country, Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan participated in the 50th meeting of the special working group working on the elaboration of the basic document.
The Turkmen delegation was headed by Chairman of the State Enterprise for the Caspian sea under the President of Turkmenistan Murad Atajanov.

In order to complete the process of drafting the Convention for signing by heads of states as soon as possible, the meeting collated the authenticity of the Convention’s texts in Russian, Farsi and English.

In addition, according to the Russian foreign ministry, the sides completed negotiations on the coordination of a draft Protocol on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Trans-Boundary Context to the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Maritime Environment of the Caspian Sea, signed on 4 November 2003.

The meeting also discussed the implementation of the decisions taken at the last meeting of the foreign ministers of the Caspian countries at the end of 2017.

The next meeting of the special group will be hosted by Kazakhstan. The dates will agreed upon by the diplomatic channels.

Reportedly, the Convention, which will determine the legal status of the common water body, is scheduled to be signed this year at the fifth summit of the heads of the Caspian five.