«CARPET land» – Internet competition devoted to the Holiday of Turkmen carpet

«CARPET land» – Internet competition devoted to the Holiday of Turkmen carpet

Turkmen carpets are famous for their beauty and quality all over the world, their history is estimated in thousand years, they also are national pride. Five traditional gels of famous Turkmen carpets decorate the State flag and the country’ coat of arms.

It is symbolical that on December 12, 2019, on Day of neutrality of Turkmenistan, national carpet making art got international recognition, becoming a part of intangible cultural heritage of mankind by UNESCO. And following east proverb which says: «the house begins there where the carpet is spread » , in all dwellings of Turkmen nationals the carpet remains today the main attribute of a house cosiness.

Recently within the limits of the informative project «Five steps to the Kara Kum», the city of Ryazan organised by the central children’s library, Internet competition «CARPET land», devoted to the Holiday of Turkmen carpet which is annually marked in Turkmenistan in May was announced. And though December has come, the competition has caused the live interest in residents of Russia and Turkmenistan.

Daily within five days the Internet users were offered intellectual-thematic tasks connected with carpets. Check on imagination and resource became one of the first tasks – to paraphrase the name of a famous film, a literary work, the citation or a line from a song that at a phrase there was “carpet”.

The most original variants sounded so: «Seventeen instants of a carpet», «Ivan Vasilevich changes a carpet», «Night, street, a carpet, a drugstore», «Three on a carpet, excluding a dog», «The carpet will go to Tikhoretskuyu» and others. The second competitive task – more difficult, it was offered to participants to find a work of art in which the carpet would be mentioned. As it has appeared a carpet – the most silent hero of the majority of products of classics, but only not in national fairy tales.

Everyone remembers east fairy tale about Aladdin where the magic flying carpet had capricious playful character. Here contestants have found many works where the carpet, one of the most known is mentioned: « The Tale of Fedot the Strelets» – its author is the native of Ashkhabad Leonid Filatov. The citation: «Get, shouts, a carpet, made with gold a pattern, width in all Russia, in hundred woods and in hundred lakes! ».

Further participants of a carpet quiz thought out children’s questions in style «why»: «Why in the middle of a carpet the pattern is larger? », «why they beat a carpet in summer, and sprinkle with snow in winter?». In total organizers of the contest have received 42 questions on this task. Afterwards contestants searched for a carpet in pictures of famous artists and Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581» have found it even on the canvas of Ilya Repin.

Check for creativity became the final stage – to make selfie with a carpet. Following the results of all executed tasks winners were defined. Among occupied prize-winning places inhabitants of St.-Petersburg, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Kemerovo areas and Turkmenistan. The second place was occupied by Ashkhabad resident Anna Charyeva.