Caravanbashi of Turkmen literature

Caravanbashi of Turkmen literature

It is 126th Birthday Anniversary of the prominent Turkmen writer Berdy Muradovich Kerbabaev. The national writer, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was well-deserved “caravanbashi”, one of the pioneers of Turkmen literature, since his creative heritage, including the novels The Decisive Step, Miraculously Born, Nebit-Dag and other poems and short stories, became truly national.

Berdy Kerbabaev was born in 1894, in the aul (village) of Kouki-Zeren, in present-day Tedzhen distrcit, in the family of a farmer. He studied at the village school, and then continued his studies at Madrasa learning Arabic and Farsi. Kerbabayev started his creative work with poetry. He worked for newspapers of the Soviet Turkmenistan. He studied in the department of Oriental studies at Leningrad State University, but he had to return home due to the severe climate of the northern capital that negatively affected the health of the young writer.

Kerbabaev spoke out in favor of the social realism in his literary works. In 1930 he began work on the his revolutionary-historical novel The Decisive Step, the novel about the life of the Turkmen people during the difficult time of socialistic revolution and during the Civil War.

The writer himself considered this novel to be the key deed in his life. Based on the novel, a theater drama was written and, in 1965, a film of the same name was shot, the author directly participated in the film creation.

A man of a wide soul, honest, courageous, kind, as many friends and colleagues considered him, in literary works, he also tried to bring to the foreground the inner nature of the heroes, endowing their characters with the brightest qualities. Berdy Kerbabaev contributed a lot to the development of children’s book. . He translated into Turkmen the works of such writers as Alexander Pushkin, Mussa Jalil, Leo Tolstoy, and Maxim Gorky.

During the last years of his life, the writer worked a great deal on lyric poetry and presented the world with many beautiful poetry works.

…The soul sings, although the soul is not a nightingale,
Sadness and laziness disappeared – an empty winter heritage.
And again I think and I feel lively
Merge into one – spring and longevity!

Like all distinguished writers, Berdy-aga had a multifaceted, unique talent. The deep knowledge of people’s life runs through the entire works that came from his pen as they could only be written by an author, who truly loves his people and is deeply rooted with all his roots in the Turkmen land.

The winner of a number of awards, the national writer of Turkmenistan Berdy Kerbabaev is invisibly presented among modern contemporaries. A bust of caravanbashi of Turkmen literature is set at the Ylham Park, the Walk of Inspiration. Although more than a century has passed since the writer’s birthday, his name is still widely recognized and of special respect among the people.