Byashim Nurali through the eyes of children

Byashim Nurali through the eyes of children

The State Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan honored students of the Ashgabat art school named after Byashim Nurali. A competition for the best work dedicated to the master and his canvases was announced at the school for the 120th anniversary of the first national artist.

Young artists approached the competition with all responsibility. For ten days, they painstakingly produced copies of various paintings by a Turkmen painter, not only trying to repeat the artistic style of Byashim Nurali, but trying to convey the depth of his personality through his vision.

– Our school has a subject on the history of art, we are often told about the famous artist, we know almost all of his biography by heart, says student Victoria Kasymova. – Especially for this contest, I painted the image of mother of Byashim Nurali. My work didn’t make it to the museum, but it was presented at the booth at the art school, which also organized a small exhibition in honor of the artist’s anniversary year.

According to the results of the competition, 22 best works of schoolchildren were selected, which are now exhibited in one of the halls of the State Museum of Fine Arts. In a festive atmosphere, students received certificates of honor, and eminent masters who came for such a significant occasion congratulated them. Among the guests of the exhibition were present grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Byashim Nurali.

Their famous grandfather – through the eyes of children, appeared before the public at once in several genres of art: painting, graphic drawing and sculptural compositions. Young talents surprisingly subtly reflected the characteristic manner of the master.

“I was lucky to see Byashim Nurali during my life,” says Lyudmila Ulakina, a teacher of the art school. – He often came to the Shota Rustaveli art school, then I was still a first-year student. Strict, tall – he liked to watch students work, he made us professional comments. When the master just stepped on the threshold, a trembling whisper immediately rang out through the corridors of the educational buildings. We always waited with excitement. For 55 years I have been working at a school proudly bearing the name of a national artist, and there was not a day when I would think about changing my profession.

Two years ago, Byashim Nurali Art School celebrated its 60th anniversary. Many of the graduates who stood at the origins of the discovery today teach at this institution. And they are very proud that they once studied here.

Among the winners of the current competition for the best embodiment of creativity and the image of Byashim Nurali is student Olga Sidorova, who drew a graphic portrait of the artist. And also the eighth grade student Nazarglych Tachgulyev, who has been studying at the art school for the third year. He managed to best embody the style and image of the painter in sculpture.

– I am very glad that my work was noted in this competition. My miniature sculpture of Byashim Nurali is made of plasticine and covered with shiny varnish, so that the figure resembles a real monument. This sculpture is an exact replica of a figurine made of wood. And I will definitely show my diploma to mom and dad so that they know that I really learned a lot here” says Nazarglych.