Butterflies invasion in Ashgabat

Butterflies invasion in Ashgabat

These many day, residents of Ashgabat are watching a playful dance of the most magnificent insects on Earth – butterflies. So much beauty immediately filled the city!

With the first rays of the sun, they begin to flit in the air, giving magic and good mood to passersby.

It is obvious that mild winter and flooding spring rains contributed to have a large number of butterflies.

What such a pleasant invasion of light-winged beauties that delights our eyes say about? First of all, about good ecology. Yes, butterflies are an indicator of the positive ecological state of Ashgabat.

The point is that these insects are very sensitive to even the slightest changes in the environment. They refuse to live in cities with unfavorable ecology. So, the residents of Ashgabat can enjoy this fascinating dance of “flying flowers”, which confirms the ecological well-being of the capital.

The urticaria butterfly, the brightest representative in all senses of daytime butterflies, is from the nymphalid family. The nymphalid butterflies can be seen everywhere, especially on blooming bushes. The species are widely distributed in Asia and Europe, but this fact doesn’t make them less beautiful.

Already in the middle of spring, they awaken after winter sleep and, spreading their wings, set off in search of nectar and water, fluttering from flower to flower. Planting of trees and shrubs in cities and villages is one of the prevailing environmental policies of Turkmenistan. And urticaria butterflies only added aesthetics to Ashgabat. In addition, they are the best pollinators of plants.

In various cultures, the butterfly symbolizes rebirth, resurrection, and happiness as the life cycle of a butterfly is almost a miracle, a metamorphosis. The image of a butterfly is often meet in various parables, myths. For example, in ancient Greece, the butterfly was considered a symbol of the immortality of the soul.

These charming creatures can predict the weather. If suddenly, for no apparent reason, they hid, it means to be rain.

And this awesome spring allowed us to see and admire the fluttering creation of nature.