Business Pin -2019 for entrepreneurs or bowling for all occasions

Business Pin -2019 for entrepreneurs or bowling for all occasions

On December 15, an unusual bowling tournament Business Pin-2019 will be held in the athletics complex of the Olympic Park of Ashgabat, where entrepreneurs will take part in the amateur competition.

– The desire to attract as many people as possible gave us this idea. The first round, the “battle of bloggers”, which took place recently, ran with great excitement, and a decision was taken to go on, Bowling Federation of Turkmenistan General Manager Serdar Muradov says.

Cyber athletes and representatives of different companies will take part in the upcoming competition. It is 30 teams in total. Training is organized for them beforehand under the instruction of qualified coaches.

Throwing bowling balls towards pins is both entertainment and sport. It is quite young in Turkmenistan. A national bowling federation was established in December 2014. Turkmen bowlers were able to reach the international level within a short period of time, taking part in various competitions, Cups and training sessions in Asian countries.

Almost all shopping and entertainment complexes in the country have bowling alleys with all necessary equipment and special sportswear for bowling lovers.

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