Brooch books: literary style detail

Brooch books: literary style detail

Details decide everything – especially with regard to clothes, because it is the appearance that creates the first impression of a person. Therefore, the use of additional accessories in the wardrobe, including brooches, gives the image expressiveness and emphasizes individuality.

In modern fashion, brooches are again popular, but few people know that the history of this jewelry goes back to the Bronze Age. Moreover, today they are worn anywhere – on a shirt, jacket, hat and even a bag.

A variety of brooch themes fit into everyday style, so some types of jewelry even have their own fans. There are brooches for nature lovers, for fans of geometric shapes, and … for book lovers.

Ashgabat resident Oleg Preobrazhensky – a great fan of books and miniature products, with his own hands, creates amazing brooch books that can give a “literary charm” to anything.

– I really like to read and do creative work, so one day I decided to combine my two in my hobbies into one. The idea is not new, I came across cloth book brooches, iron badges, but I developed an author’s technique in the way of transferring a book cover to a miniature version of polymer clay. This material is very convenient for creating the smallest details, even children can master it.

According to the master, the process of creating one miniature book is quite complicated, painstaking work requires special attention. About 6-7 hours goes to the embodiment of the original jewelry. First, a black and white print is created, which, after being transferred to a polymer product, is tinted manually.

– Mostly I work with my favorite authors, my collection of book brooches includes Mikhail Bulgakov with his mystical novel “The Master and Margarita”, “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carol, “The Little Prince” by Antoine Exupery. All these books left an indelible mark on my soul. Of course, I can custom-make the cover of any book, but I try to resort only to those copies that I know well.

Oleg Preobrazhensky for the first time took part in the New Year’s Handmade Fair, which was a very exciting event for him, because before he had not shown his works to anyone.

“Excitement is typical of any creative person, but I have been convinced from my own experience that my work is interesting and in demand among reading youth,” Oleg says. – Now I am preparing for the next fair, for which I am specially developing models of miniature dolls made of polymer clay. Images of future dolls are likely to be taken from famous films and TV shows.