Broadcasting technologies in the ecology of public opinion: media into a pandemic

Broadcasting technologies in the ecology of public opinion: media into a pandemic

“A new round of technological revolution and industrial innovation has accelerated around the world, while broadcasting technologies have a faster, deeper and broader impact on the ecology of public opinion and people’s lives,” said Niu Yibin, deputy head of the Office of the Central Cyberspace Commission. at the webinar of the Chinese-Russian online media.

According to China daily Niu invited the media of both countries to keep up with the most advanced and strategically important broadcasting technologies and expand bilateral cooperation with Media in the field of technology within the framework of the Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation between China and Russia.

Digital media in China and Russia must work together to tell brighter stories about the fight against the pandemic, jointly combat provocations from outside, create a healthy international public opinion and share experiences in preventing, controlling and treating coronavirus, Niu said.

“We are witnessing changes in the architecture of international relations, and integration processes are rapidly taking place in such a significant historical period when the media play a special role,” said Bella Cherkesova, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia.

Chen Lina, executive editor of Sina Weibo, said that the development of new media provides a tremendous space for imagination. The product is constantly updated and improved, the content is diverse, and changes are the only thing that is constantly present in new media.

“We hope that the Chinese and Russian media can deepen exchanges, learn from each other’s strengths, concentrate excellent resources and contribute to the realization of better content distribution and cultural exchanges,” Chen said.