British physician to make charity journey along Great Silk Road

British physician to make charity journey along Great Silk Road

Bob Minns, therapist from Norwich, England, is going to conquer on his bicycle the Great Silk Road, making a charity trip from Turkey to China.

He will start his almost 9,600-km long travel on 3 March in Istanbul and will pass by transit via Caucasus and Central Asia. The quest will be terminated in north-western Chinese city of Xinjiang in June.

The goal of the adventure is the raising funds for charity organizations CLIC Sargent, helping children with cancer diagnosis, and the Against Malaria Foundation.

Moreover, the 51-years-old doctor, calling his rally Bob’s Silk Road Cycle Challenge, hopes to discovers new terrains and corners of the world.

“I am excited but nervous, impatient to go now… It feels like taking your first jump with an untested parachute because I am going to areas I do not know much about and it will be a new experience”, said physician in interview to local newspaper Norwich Evening News.

Dr Minns is not a tyro in long voyages. Having previously served as an expedition medic, he made on 15 trekking trips abroad over the past 13 years, having travelled in Malawi, Zambia and Morocco. So he is not afraid of forthcoming journey via the Caucasus, Pamirs, Central Asian steppes and the Tien Shan.