Bracelet to control emotions was created in Britain

Bracelet to control emotions was created in Britain

Moodbeam has developed a bracelet that will help its wearers control their emotional state. The device looks like an ordinary fitness bracelet; however, it has a pair of buttons instead of a display: blue and yellow. An employee should press the blue button in a bad mood, and yellow in a good mood.

The development is designed as an aid for business leaders who want to know about the emotional state of employees working remotely. By registering the time of day when the device owner feels sudden changes in the emotional state, the bracelet gets synchronized with the mobile application and a special website, and helps to assess patterns and trends that allow determining which situations cause negative feelings in a person.

The employee is asked to press buttons that match his mood during the work week. In turn, the management will be able to monitor the emotional state of employees on the online panel.

“Companies are trying to constantly keep in touch with employees working in the remote mode. This way they can interview five hundred employees at once”, Christina Colmer McHugh, the Co-Founder of Moodbeam explained to BBC.

A more productive use of the gadget is sharing information with family and friends. So the device can help those who are uncomfortable with confessing their psychological problems and difficulties.

Christina developed the first bracelets back in 2016 when she discovered that her daughter was facing difficulties at school and wanted her to be able to tell her how she was feeling. But it is only now that the device has attracted public attention, as the pandemic has caused a sharp increase in mental health problems worldwide.