Bowling – sports or entertainment?

Bowling – sports or entertainment?

Game in bowling has found popularity all over the world for a long time, but nevertheless, what is it, sports or elite entertainment? For detailed explanations ORIENT applied to president of the Turkmen federation of bowling, head coach of the national team Batyr Hangeldiyev. The skilled player and instructor, from his teenage age he has become interested in so fascinating game.

– I have started to practice bowling about 25 years ago, – remembers Batyr Ilgeldiyevich. – I attended one of the first bowling alleys which were opened in Ashkhabad, and first it was something like entertainment while I seriously was not involved and did not begin to study the game rules. Actually for professional players, bowling is a serious sport demanding certain skills, and for the majority of fans to roll balls and to break pyramids of balls – game remains quite good, hazardous entertainment. Thanks to many shopping centres of Turkmenistan there are lanes for bowling where it is possible to spend time with friends perfectly.

In December of this year the Turkmen federation of bowling marked its 6th year of its establishment only, but sportsmen of the national team already had time to achieve considerable successes – have participated in the international championships, and also have obtained experience under guidance of foreign masters of bowling.

– In 2019, having passed the serious selection, two representatives of the Turkmen national team went to the World Cup in bowling to Indonesia, – tells Batyr Hangeldiyev. – The competition of international level gathered sportsmen from 147 countries. Serdar Atayev and Nasiba Orazmedova representing Turkmenistan, could make the big jerk and in the prestigious championship to occupy the 50th line in the general standings. And after all professional bowling, according to views of masters of game, is enough young sport for our country. Now the main objective to which our children aspire is to raise the level and to enter into first ten in the international tournaments.

Bowling – very expensive sport and to organise even one training, it is necessary to involve a set of “mechanisms”. First, each sportsman should have a set of balls apertures in which are made on the individual sizes of fingers of the player. Secondly, balls have not only different weight, but have also their secrets. Unlike simple house balls (Houseball – a series of rolling skittles in weight from 6 to 16 pounds, entering into the complete set of delivery of the equipment for bowling), in sports balls there is a pig with the displaced centre of gravity. Depending on this internal weight intensity of rotation of a ball changes also.

One more important detail – footwear of the sportsman. Its sole should slide well, thus the calcaneal part provides timely braking and does not allow taking up for a penal zone. And here professional lanes for bowling have a special covering and the diagramme of the oil which schemes vary both in trainings, and at competitions.

– To start to be engaged in bowling it is possible at any age, it is enough to have desire, – head coach of the national team Batyr Hangeldiyev continues. – In our team both guys and girls train, often we arrange tournaments between fans of game and professional sportsmen. The last one just can read out the oil diagramme on a lane and consequently they much more surpass amateur level in points. Bowling is both geometry, and algebra and physics, possession of the exact sciences allows to distribute force of blow and to foresee a trajectory of movement of a sphere.

From all aforesaid it is clear that professional bowling in many respects differs from amateur, but, nevertheless, popular game involves people of different age and remains the best entertainment for weekends.

Selbi Charyeva