Book holiday: what the Turkmen youth reads

Book holiday: what the Turkmen youth reads

The exhibition-fair devoted to World Book Day, was held in Ashgabat at the Inter-national University for the Humanities and Development. As the organizer of the ac-tion educational centre «Gujurly Nesil» acted, having offered students a quiz on 9 books.

The questions proceeding from plots of world famous best sellers, allowed reveal-ing the most attentive readers. Winners of the quiz received discount coupons for purchase of books.

– Our educational centre tries to popularise reading as an integral element of com-mon culture and education, – an employee of the bookshop of centre «Gujurly Nesil» Aynur Tekaeva says. – Certainly, among the youth manuals enjoy a great demand, but also the fiction does not remain without attention. The books translat-ed into Turkmen language Paulo Coelho, Mark Twain, Joanne Rowling evoke a great interest in local readers. Students and children, studying foreign languages try to choose editions in a source language, for more profound immersing in language culture.

The book fair was also organized in education centre «Gujurly Nesil» as well. Here it has its own readers’ club where children discuss the books which have impressed them and share opinions. It is remarkable that among admirers of literature there are many small readers, though they give now preference to fairy tales.

– For children literary quizzes in the format «For kids» are also provided. The most active little boys and girls have a possibility to win discount coupons for learning languages in our centre that is important both for improvement of knowledge, and for financial support of parents, – Aynur continues her words. – it is unequivocally possible to draw a conclusion of what they like to read in Turkmenistan and even the foreign visitors visiting our bookshop, mark a wide choice of literature for all tastes.

To this day reading of books remains in the most useful way of pastime and so that the knowledge taken from reading is not forgotten, teachers develop special pro-grams where they teach to read books correctly.

Conscious reading, assumes a pause and discussion of questions arisen in the course of perusal of chapters, especially, if the book in a foreign language. Drawing students into conversation, the teacher gives the chance for students to penetrate into the essence of literary material – about what the given book is, what for and for whom it is written? The more questions arise, the more interesting the teaching pro-cess becomes.

World Book Day, marked on April 23, was proclaimed in 1995 at the 28th session of UNESCO.

Selbi Charyeva