Bodybuilding in Turkmenistan: harmony of sport and health

Bodybuilding in Turkmenistan: harmony of sport and health

The competitions for the Federation Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup, organized by the Athletic sports center of Turkmenistan, were completed in Ashgabat. The championship was held in three categories: “male bodybuilding”, “beach bodybuilding” and “fitness”.

One of winners of the Cup in the category “beach bodybuilding” was Rustam Gaibadullin, whom ORIENT interviewed. According to him, in recent years bodybuilding in Turkmenistan is gaining popularity. And this is greatly facilitated by the various competitions, held by the country’s Athletic sports center, revealing properly “strong” athletes.

Once Rustam accidentally learnt about bodybuilding competitions, and immediately became eager to take part in them. At that time, he had already been a supporter of sports, a healthy lifestyle, regularly went to the gym, followed the principles of proper nutrition. He followed the training of his foreign idols.

– I had a goal – to become the best, achieve not only beautiful, but also a healthy body. In addition, this way you become strong not only physically but also spiritually, – says the bodybuilder.

Rustam is the absolute champion of the Federation Cup 2018, the winner of the “Yelken Yacht Club” Cup.

As Rustam admits, he approached the last competitions very thoroughly – after all rivals were chosen very serious and to surpass them, he had to surpass himself. He spent harassing workouts in the gym, ate protein-and carbohydrate-rich foods.

But on ordinary days, the athlete does not deny himself anything. “I can eat fried chicken, potatoes or treat myself to sweets,” he says, laughing. – All the accumulated calories can be burned in a few workouts; it just suffices to choose the appropriate program.”

– Most people say they don’t have time to exercise. But if a person wants, he will find at least 10 minutes to bring his body in order – a lunch break at work is enough for him, – Rustam believes.

Sharing his plans for the future, the athlete says that he wants to take part in the most important international competitions in bodybuilding – “Mr. Olympia”.
In December, all the winners of the Federation Cup will go to the championship of Central Asia in Kazakhstan, which will bring together the best of the best in the region.

– Rivals, of course, are strong, experienced, but all the same I will strain every sinew, – Rustam assured.