Blue fuel of Turkmenistan – blue sky of the Middle Kingdom

The gas congress in Avaza once again highlighted the status of Turkmenistan as a leading gas power and reliable partner on the world stage. Within the framework of the forum, experts, representatives of international and state structures, the largest companies discuss topical issues in the field of gas and gas condensate field development, hydrocarbon production and preparation, and their supply.

One of the ORIENT interviewees – Liu Chao Quan, deputy director of the CNPC Research Institute of Economics and Technology:

– Turkmen natural gas is very important for China. Turkmenistan’s pipeline gas accounts for 70% of PRC purchases. This is a large number. And it helps us to realize our project “Blue Sky”.

For us it is very important. And that makes the people of China very happy. And all thanks to your support and help.

China’s demand for natural gas is growing very fast. First comes liquefied natural gas, then the one that we produce, and then the one that flows through pipelines. Therefore, the import of pipeline gas for China is necessary. We must find a way to expand our collaboration. We need to produce more, and you need to sell more.

By TAPI you can send gas to Pakistan, India. And through the Central Asian Pipe you can sell even more and get a lot…

I think in the future mutually beneficial cooperation will be strengthened. Our experts, from both Turkmenistan and China, have a greater understanding of how to interact, and will find the best way to implement it.

This is my first visit to Turkmenistan. And I am in love with Ashgabat – this white city. It is very beautiful. And Turkmenbashi here, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, is also amazingly beautiful.