Black Friday-holiday discounts

Black Friday-holiday discounts

Black Friday is the first Friday after thanksgiving in the United States. Due to the fact that thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, black Friday falls between November 23 and 29. This year it falls on November 27. It will start the traditional sales season.

In many countries of the world on this day, people who are not engaged in retail, get an official day off, and from midnight they take turns in stores. By tradition, the first customers of hypermarkets get serious discounts on all products, which sometimes reach the level of 80 percent.

There are several assumptions about where the name of this unofficial holiday came from.

The Philadelphia version says that in the mid-60s of the last century, the Friday after thanksgiving was the hardest day for police officers. On this day, thousands of fans arrived in Philadelphia for Saturday’s American football game. It was not easy to maintain order in a crowded city: crowds stormed the stadium, shops and restaurants, pickpockets “worked” here, and their colleagues in the thieves ‘ trade tried to Rob stores. A real black Friday! So they began to call it, however, without putting the “trade” meaning in this expression.

Supporters of the transport version claim that the holiday got its name due to the huge traffic jams on the roads on the day of the start of sales, which were created by customers and huge queues in stores. A truly black day for motorists who are not interested in sales.

The most popular version refers to the time when sellers kept records in the books. Losses were written in red ink, and profits were written in black. Hence the expression go to black – “go to black”, that is, get a big profit.

Turkmen companies are also preparing for black Friday. For example, the company” Salkyn Otag”, which sells climate equipment of the famous brands Gree, Electrolux, Zanussi, Ballu and Carrier, whose specialists have been helping citizens of Turkmenistan to create a pleasant and comfortable environment in their apartments and offices for more than nine years, has prepared a special campaign for black Friday, which operates throughout the country.

As part of the special offer, products from the ZANUSSI and BALLU brands can be purchased with a 25% discount from November 23 to 30. Also for electric convectors, the rule “1+1=3” applies, that is, if you buy two convectors, the customer will receive a third one as a gift.

In addition, the company’s managers provide customers with a service in which the company’s expert can be invited to the installation site of the split system for free to find the optimal technical solution and get professional advice.

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