Bill Gates Predicted Six COVID-19 Vaccines By Spring 2021

Bill Gates Predicted Six COVID-19 Vaccines By Spring 2021

Of the six vaccines, three, according to Bill Gates, are best suited for vaccination in developing and poor countries. These vaccines are being developed and will be produced with the assistance of the Gates Foundation and his wife Melinda.

“I expect about six vaccines to be approved by the first quarter,” Gates said. Among the companies that will soon receive approval for their COVID-19 vaccines, he named AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Pfizer with BioNTech and Moderna. Gates did not specify the sixth vaccine and its developer. “Western regulators are doing a great job. They conducted the third phase of testing with incredible professionalism, examining all kinds of side effects and efficacy,” he said.

Much remains to be done, including by non-profit organizations such as his own foundation, to ensure that vaccines are distributed equitably in all countries, especially less developed ones, Gates said. Gates noted, “Access to vaccines should not be dependent on wealth.” The Microsoft co-founder hopes vaccinations will help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by 2022, in both developed and developing countries.