Big advantages of a small racket: the Olympic Park of Ashgabat invites for table tennis

Big advantages of a small racket: the Olympic Park of Ashgabat invites for table tennis

Simultaneously several branches have been opened for table tennis fans in the Ashgabat Olympic Park. A group for children from 5 to 8 years, a teenage section and a gym for adults who want to join this sport amateurishly.

This exciting and healthy game has a positive effect on the entire body. Concentration of attention, motor development, eye training – it is impossible to cover all the advantages of table tennis. Training sessions are held 5 days a week in the morning, afternoon and evening. Anyone, who decided to enroll in the section, won’t find it difficult to choose convenient hours for sports activities.

“Our table tennis section has three evening and two morning coaches. Be precise a family coaching contract, – says Rashid Ahmedov. – I, my brother and our parents have devoted most of our lives to this sport. I have been playing table tennis for 29 years. I’ve started training since childhood, and now I’m engaging my eldest daughter as well. She recently turned five years old and is already busy training in the gym.”

The structure of classes is designed for two-hour intensive training: warm-up, running, performing exercises for the hands. As in lawn tennis, the player is primarily taught to hold the racket correctly and balance the ball on it. Coaches work out the hitting technique with the player, and only then invite the sportsmen to the “table”.

“If you are going to enroll in our section, don’t forget to buy a racket! – advises the coach. – Everyone should have their own racket, because there are many types of rackets with different characteristics, and we can help with the choice. The quality of the racket affects the performance of technical elements. You also need a comfortable training form – You are welcome to our section!”

According to Rashid Akhmedov, it will not be difficult to learn the rules of table tennis. This sport is considered one of the most difficult in terms of the number of technical elements, the execution skills are developed over the years, and the sooner the child starts to engage, the better it is.

– Being a table tennis coach means being able to take cognizance of the psychology and tactics of a player. Almost from the first lessons, it becomes clear how the child will grow in future and the coach’s task is to give him the right guidelines. Table tennis is a sufficiently democratic sport. It is suitable for both boys and girls. There are no age advantages, the main thing is to show a good result and be able to cope with exercises.

“Ping-pong” is a very fast sport, the situation on the game table changes in a fraction of seconds. You need to be able to make lightly the right decisions. The main goal of the game is to create a critical situation in which the opponent will not be able to hit the ball.

“I have been training for more than seven years, – says Rashid Akhmedov. – I continue to play actively, participate in competitions and try to popularize this sport in Turkmenistan. Therefore, I invite everyone who is interested in table tennis to join the team. Our gym is located on the territory of the Olympic Park, the entrance is from the “10 yyl Abadançylyk” Street (Moskovskiy Avenue).”