“Berkarar” Ashgabat Shopping Center hosted a sports holiday for children

“Berkarar” Ashgabat Shopping Center hosted a sports holiday for children

One of the most visited shopping and entertainment centers of Ashgabat is “Berkarar”, has been long chosen by sports federations as their mass popularization platform. It regularly hosts exhibition sports performances, the world’s sporting trophies are brought here.

Today, on the last summer day, the country’s children’s sports teams decided to impress and capture (see photo) the assembled audience, inspiring it to regular sports.

With the support of a number of ministries – sports and youth policy, culture, education, as well as the Youth organization, they presented a show program rich in performances of athletes representing such spectacular sports as Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sports Dances, etc.

Is there anything that inspires better than awareness of your own movements’ beauty? Or the ability to do something that is beyond the realm of possibility for the average person?

Young athletes initially felt nervousness – junior groups’ competitions rarely bring together a large number of spectators. Their performances were watched by many visitors of the largest country’s shopping and entertainment center.

And pre-launch excitement was gone quickly: the children of combat sports enjoyed the time, throwing each other on the tatami using impressive techniques.

Although, of course, such techniques are considered for entertainment rather than combat effectiveness, and therefore – rarely used in a real fight with a true enemy. But, nevertheless, the audience encouraged fighters by applause.

To further provoke interest the audience, attracting them to actively participation in the sports festival, the showman asked questions on sports topics. The organizers awarded prizes to those who answered correctly. Whether the questions were too simple, or maybe the Turkmen youth really loves sports, but all the questions were answered at once, even those ones that were tricky. Mostly children, teenagers answered, but in some cases adults being casual viewers distinguished themselves.

Children’s sports festival was a big success. And not only because young athletes showed all the advantages of sports to their peers, but also because parents have witnessed at first hand that an active lifestyle is not only fun, but also healthful for their children.