Berdimuhamedov launches tree-planting campaign in Turkmenistan

Berdimuhamedov launches tree-planting campaign in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, the autumn season for plantation of trees has launched. The start was given by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during nation-wide ecological campaign in Ashgabat, which, as always, was festive and wide scope.

The tree-planting campaign took place in the morning, in the very south of the capital, where the off spurs of Kopetdag Mountain begin. Every spring and autumn, head of state takes part in green campaign to open the season, involving senior officials as well.

Students, representatives of various departments and organizations that are in charge with tree-planting at certain territories in the huge green area created near the borders of Ashgabat are also actively joining the campaign.

Representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, including heads and staff of embassies, heads of missions of international organizations, join events for plantation of trees along with thousands of residents of Ashgabat. For diplomats, this is another opportunity to meet with the Turkmen leader, have “a speed” talk and exchange views.

Head of state always thanks the high-ranking guests of the country for participating in such green actions, as it was the case when the environmental issues in the context of the SDGs became the topic of talks.

Today, Berdimuhamedov planted a juniper seedling – archa, a tree of the Turkmen mountains, which is increasingly used in planting of greenery in foothill valleys.

The work was in full swing; for the event, everything necessary was prepared in advance, so no one was left without tools and seedlings. They acted with enthusiasm and knowledge of the matter – the tree-planting has become a well-known job for the Turkmen people. Three million trees are planted annually in the country only during official greenery campaigns, in addition, there are many other similar actions organized by public societies.

According to the organizers, total in the country, during the ecological campaign today, about 475 thousand trees were planted.