Berdimuhamedov congratulates Putin on 67th birthday in phone call

Berdimuhamedov congratulates Putin on 67th birthday in phone call

Turkmen President Berdimuhamedov has congratulated his Russian counterpart Putin on his birthday in phone call. The head of the Russian Federation turned 67.

Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich wished Vladimir Vladimirovich good health, happiness and prosperity, as well as success in all initiatives and aspirations for the benefit of the people of a friendly state.

Due to their position and work, presidents cannot confine themself to a congratulation message only. Therefore, Berdimuhamedov and Putin exchanged views on priority issues of Turkmen-Russian cooperation in the light of the agreements reached at the high level, and emphasized the presence of significant potential, the implementation of which is in the common interest, official media reports.

And, of course, the heads of the two states paid special attention to the upcoming summit of the CIS Heads of state that scheduled to be held next Friday as part of the chairmanship of Turkmenistan in the CIS this year.

I would venture to say that Putin’s birthday story would continue in Ashgabat. After all, the Russian leader will be a guest of Berdimuhamedov in just a few days. A few days after the birthday absolutely do change nothing. It just mean that, by that time, a birthday, congratulations and, whatever one may say, gifts are still would be acceptable.

Highly likely, it would be assumed that the host of the summit and the heads of CIS member states will make gifts to Putin on his 67th birthday.

And what kind of gifts would these be?

Political figures of this level are usually presented by symbolic gifts of political, historical, cultural and other sense. Therefore, I may not be mistaken if I say that now the journalists who will cover the summit are guessing on this topic as well among other issues.

After all, some gift may be the topic for such information messages that would “beat” serious political or economic news.

I believe that in this regard, the media representatives are optimistic about the host of the summit – Berdimuhamedov. He already presented his Russian colleague with an Akhal-Teke horse, an Alabai puppy, and even … leopards, who were sent to the Sochi nursery.

What gift would be this time?

Let us be patient and wait for just only a few days.