Benefits and disadvantages of coffee

Benefits and disadvantages of coffee

Morning for a large quantity of inhabitants of the Earth begins with a cup of fragrant coffee. People who have got used to the beverage and do not receive enough caffeine during the long period, there are deterioration of mood or migraine attacks. Those who tried to refuse the beverage, came back sooner or later to a cup of coffee a day and in due course increased a dose.

It is confirmed also with World Health Organization (WHO) which recognised on December 24, 2020 dependence on coffee as clinical frustration. According to heads of the working group, the situation is facilitated what caffeine does not stimulate the section of the brain which is responsible for motivation. And it means that to stop the daily use of coffee any interested person can without the additional help of physicians and psychologists.

By results of researches, refusal of coffee affects many aspects of human life. So, the majority abstaining from the beverage use improvement of quality of dream is observed. All because caffeine raises nervous system not only in the afternoon but also when the person sleeps. Doctors consider that substance action is felt even if one drinks the last cup of coffee 5-6 hours prior to sleeping. Refusal of coffee normalises biological cycles of organism and allows to fall asleep easier, to get enough sleep and wake up in the morning more vigorous. It, in turn, leads to improvement of quality of skin and elimination of dark circles under eyes.

Experts of WHO name one more negative factor of the use of coffee influence of caffeine on the nervous system. This alkaloid does the person by more irritable and provokes unhealthy «emotional swing» during the day. Therefore the exception of the beverage of the diet is the first step to stabilisation of emotional background.

Caffeine helps to develop adrenaline which stimulates inflow of forces. However if to abuse the invigorating beverage in due course the dose which will help an organism to cheer up, becomes for the fan of coffee simply dangerous.

One more minus of the uncontrollable use of the beverage names infringement of work of thyroid gland. This factor becomes the reason of easing of immunity and many illnesses. For this reason physicians advise to refuse coffee during cold and restoration of an organism after surgical operations.

Coffee, stimulating the function of the heart, provokes an elevated pressure. Refusal of it helps suffering to feel much better from hypertension. Besides, the beverage is powerful dye. Therefore life without it helps improvement of colour of teeth and oral cavity recovery of health.

In the first some weeks after refusal from habitual cup of a fragrant stimulator the person can test a strong migraine, quickly get tired and suffer from carelessness. In the food allowance during this period usually there should fat or sweet products with which the organism tries to replace a habitual dose of caffeine.