Believe in victory and you will win

Believe in victory and you will win

The best scorer of the championship of Turkmenistan, Altymurad Annadurdyev, who plays for Altyn Asyr, commented on the victory of his club in an interview with ORIENT immediately after the match for the Super Cup of Turkmenistan.

– Finally, the resumption of football has taken place, and we are very happy about that, – said Altymurad. – It’s good that we managed to win the country’s Super Cup and please our fans who came to support us.

After a certain pause in the national championship, it was a little hard to play. But I spent 120 minutes on the pitch, and generally felt fine. Of course, as in such cases, it was not without nervous breakdowns. Both we and the opponent had missed opportunities. For example, I had a good chance to score a goal, but the ball hit the post. But the most important thing is not that, but that we were able, having won, to please our fans.

Let us remind you that the match “Altyn Asyr” against “Ahal” took place on September 29, as ORIENT wrote about. The main time on the fight ended in a draw – 1:1, two additional mini-halves also did not reveal the winner. But in the penalty shootout decided that players of “Altyn Asyr” were stronger – 5:4.

– What were you thinking when you went to shoot the penalty?

– I believed that I would score a goal and eventually raise the coveted Cup.

– And before the game? Were you also so sure that you would beat your opponent?

– I believed from the very beginning of the football season and from the first minutes of the match that we would win. I was confident in myself and in the team. And even in spite of the long non-game pause, I felt toned throughout the entire 120 minutes.

I am very glad that so many fans came. After the game I tried to pay attention to everyone. Without their support, it would have been very difficult for us, for which I thank them very much. Now we will prepare for the national league, – said one of the heroes of the match for the Super Cup of Turkmenistan Altymurad Annadurdyev.

And in parting, Altymurad wished each visitor of the ORIENT website to believe in victory and it will be yours.