Belarus has received for the first time the American oil

Belarus has received for the first time the American oil

The first party of oil from the USA started to arrive in Belarus to Open Joint-Stock Company “NAFTAN” on Thursday, as informed journalists in “Belneftkhim” Concern’s press-service.

«The American oil started to arrive in «Naftan ». At midday oil was started to empty from tanks of the train which arrived in the morning. The factory is going to involve it in processing», – as informed in the Concern. It is specified that within 10 days all party of oil will arrive in the factory.

In the evening on June 5 from the port of Beaumont (State of Texas) arrived in Klaipeda tanker NS Captain. The operator of the Lithuanian petro terminal – company Klaipėdos Nafta informed that it delivered 77 thousand tons of oil for Belarus. It is the cargo of oil first in the history of the republic from the USA.

The Lithuanian state railway operator Lietuvos gelezinkeliai specified that as a whole for cargo delivery 22-23 trains will be generated. It is every day planned to send on 120 tanks, or approximately on 7 thousand tons of oil.

The Embassy of the USA in Lithuania noted on June 6 that this «competitive transaction», realised by the supplier of power resources United Energy Trading together with the American company Getka and its partner in Poland Unimot, strengthens independence and sovereignty of Belarus.

Head of the Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei, in turn, underlined that deliveries of the American oil are a part of the state strategy on diversification of sources and maintenance of steady work of oil refining complex of Belarus in 2020 and next years.

Earlier, on May 12, in Klaipeda there arrived the seventh tanker this year with oil for Belarus – 87 thousand tons of oil was delivered from Saudi Arabia, it was obtained from company Saudi Aramco. Also this year in the Klaipeda port from tankers the Norwegian and Russian oil rolled over.

Besides, oil delivery through the port of Odessa on Mozyr oil refinery plant by oil pipelines Odessa-Brody and Brody -Mozyr was carried out.

By data, the cargo of the American oil becomes already 12th tanker delivery during the current year from alternative suppliers. «The total amount of tanker deliveries has already exceeded 1 million tons of oil», – as they noted in the Concern.