Belarus has presented its Concept of chairmanship in CIS

Belarus has presented its Concept of chairmanship in CIS

The decision on chairmanship of Belarus in CIS for 2021 was accepted on December 18, past year by the Council of heads of CIS states. The concept of chairmanship of Belarus in the anniversary year for this international organisation and the Plan of actions on realisation of the Concept of chairmanship of Belarus in CIS for 2021 were published  on the official site of the foreign policy department of the country.

In the Commonwealth Belarus considers as an overall objective of its chairmanship the further deepening of integration processes in the boundary of the CIS with an access to creation of a wide Eurasian zone of cooperation. For its achievement specific targets are put: deepening of integration processes within the limits of Commonwealth; increase of efficiency of interaction in the solution of the issues caused by globalisation and new calls of the modernity, including distribution of virus infections; increase of image of the organisation on the international arena; adjustment of contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation with other regional organisations and integration associations; access to creation of a wide Eurasian zone of cooperation with a view of strengthening of friendship, good neighbourhood and mutually beneficial relations in the region; the further development of the common economic space; maintenance of interstate cooperation and integration in interests of the all-round and balanced economic and social development of states-participants of CIS; system and consecutive perfection of the co-ordinated transport policy pursued by the states-participants of CIS; development of cooperation in the field of manufacture and transit of energy resources; the further strengthening of humanitarian relations , expansion of contacts in the field of science, education, public health services, information, culture, sports and tourism, work with the youth and others.

As is said in the Concept, «the Belarus chairmanship plans to give the special attention to the issue of achievement of synergic effect from cooperation of the CIS states-participants in various integration associations and organisations (EAEU, CSTO, SCO), to maintenance of close interaction of the Executive committee, branch bodies of the CIS with executive bodies of these organisations in the solution of similar problems, observing the principle of many-tiered, multi-speed integration, but thus aiming at attraction to the solution of issues of deepening of integration in various branches of as much as possible wide range of participants».

The plan of actions on realisation of the Concept of chairmanship of Belarus in the CIS for 2021 provides: sessions of authorised and other bodies of the CIS; interaction in policy and security sphere; economic cooperation; humanitarian cooperation and the actions devoted to the 30th anniversary of the CIS. The last section includes such actions, as release of the statistical collection «30 years to the Commonwealth of Independent States: 1991-2021»; the International scientific-practical conference «30 years to the Commonwealth of Independent States: results, prospects»; “Week of the CIS» in the states-participants CIS (scientific-practical seminars, round tables, cultural and sports actions, display of TV programs on topics of the CIS, films of the states-participants of CIS, and also a videoconference concerning liquidation of consequences of accident at the Chernobyl atomic power station) and others.

Turkmenistan, despite its neutral and associated status, takes an active part in all actions which are held within the limits of the CIS, supports deepening and expansion of fruitful cooperation on equal in rights and mutually beneficial conditions. The Turkmen side brings a significant contribution to development of program documents and plans of the CIS and their effective realisation. According to the chairman of the Executive committee of the CIS Sergey Lebedev, the chairmanship by the Turkmen side in the CIS for 2019 became the original culmination of level of interaction of Turkmenistan and the Commonwealth countries. Highly appreciating the substantial and organizational level of the actions carried out in Turkmenistan, the management of the CIS noted that the initiative approach of Turkmenistan to fulfilment of the mission of chairmanship in the Commonwealth made a positive influence on achievement of short-term and long-term objectives of the CIS.

Ogulgozel Rejepova