Beautiful tazy: hardy as a wolf, swift as a cheetah, graceful as a fallow deer

Beautiful tazy: hardy as a wolf, swift as a cheetah, graceful as a fallow deer

In Central Asia there are two breeds of hunting greyhound – Turkmen and Kazakh. Turkmen tazy is very fast, tireless, they have got a sharp eyesight and keen scent. The dog can pursue its victim throughout several tens of kilometres, in deserted dunes and among high grasses. The tazy also perfectly operates in a tandem with a falcon in capture of its prey, being guided by the sound of clapping wings of a bird.

Now the tazy is kept not only as hunters, but also as house pets. Though greyhound better feels in countryside but if the owner is capable to provide a dog necessary physical activity, the pet will be also happy in a city. The dog specie demands open space.

– They are very mobile, therefore we take them out for a walk every day, to allow to stretch their muscles – tells one of Ashkhabad owners of tazy. – During a season of hunting we take Akel and Laki to gambol in desert. Like any other dogs, they have their own character and customs.

To dispel a myth that it is impossible to train the tazy, it is enough to visit the Turkmen circus where on the arena, in an attraction with camels the hunting greyhound acts. And the owner of Akel and Laki has taught them to give their paws at a word «salam» and also they respond to the Turkmen nicknames of Burgut and Uchar.

– At home they have a special place where they sleep. Meal for pets is absolutely home-made. Usual dog foods are not for them. At the time of the Great Patriotic War, a family of our ancestors, having in the house the tazy, escaped from hunger. The dog brought its prey in its mouth by which they were fed. And it also warmed with its warmth in colds.

In Turkmenistan the tazy was bred for thousands of years, but now they are not so many of them, therefore many fans of this breed of dog are ready to give the whole property to get Turkmen tazy.

The height of tazy is usually from 50 to 70 cm, weight of 25-40 kg, they prompt, differ high working capacity and thus delightful grace. Therefore they say that they combine endurance of wolf and precipitancy of cheetah, and grace of fallow deer.

«An expressive breast, a harmonious body and long feet – the standard of beauty of these dogs like supermodels have got» – many fans of dogs characterise Turkmen tazy so.