Be inspired by positive: not boring holidays of Ashgabat students

Be inspired by positive: not boring holidays of Ashgabat students

In Ashgabat, on August 10, on Saturday, the report concert of the 5th Children’s Studio in the “Rainbow of Miracles” was held. The older and youth groups showed what they learned during the two weeks of visiting the summer playground.

Here children are both spectators and participants as well as the main connoisseurs of their own creativity.

“Little Red Riding Hood” based on the work of Eugeniy Schwartz, performed by the youngest group students, had a great success. Youth talented kids enthusiastically danced the dance of a gray wolf and sang funny songs. By the end of the performance, having such a fun, they did not want to leave the stage.

“Bad Advice” by Grigoriy Oster was the next performance. Kids from the older group, who were spectators just few minutes ago, were in hurry to get the stage.

Easy and simple, one part of performance changes another. Short funny scenes make to laugh not only parents, but also children in the hall.

If you are at home and cycling

Down your long and spacious hallway

And you suddenly spot your Daddy

Who is strolling up and down,


Don’t you steer into the kitchen –

There a fridge, it’s hard and rigid.

Crash into your Dad – it’s shrewder.

Dad is soft. And he’ll forgive.

Laughing, the kids make it clear how familiar they are with the situations described by peers.

The report concert is concluded by a small flash mob under the active support and participation of parents. Friendly clapping and moving dances cheer up everyone in the hall.

“I am here with my granddaughter,” Gala Kurbanova says. “Selbisha is a 9-year- old very communicative girl. She attends the creative studio with pleasure. Even in the summer, you should deal with children to support their talent. I am grateful to the organizers for such events.”

Today, Selby invited her girlfriends to the concert, who also have a desire to join the studio.

Recently, the school held “Day of Neptune”.

“I always was holding an idea to do something related to water,” Igor Annaklychev, the ideological leader of the summer school, says. “We were running and pouring by water pistols in the yard. It was very fun.”

Each time, children offered a new adventure. There is a Quest Day with a treasure hunt. Children should find envelopes with a code hidden on the school ground. If all puzzles are correctly solved, then the guys will certainly find a treasure – a box of ice cream.

In addition, there are exciting master-classes on play dough modeling or animation, dancing and acting, table games, or watching animated cartoons and just chatting.

Kids always have fun here. The advantage of the summer studio is that it is almost like a camp. One difference, that after busy day, you can return home and tell your parents about your adventures.

“My son was a bit unsociable, and now I can see how he improves,” Soltan says. “He attends dance and singing classes and brings home self-made crafts. Sometimes he even trying to teach me.”

Every child is unique. Some kids open up easily, while others need time to get used to something new. However, the fact remains that the children have a fun when they are together. A relaxed atmosphere and a play form of learning allow a child, developing, to remain himself.

Absorbing a maximum of positive emotions from the summer holidays, the children are inspired with optimistic mood for the next school year. The summer studio for children is a kind of creative training, which is useful for any activity.

A pleasant and useful pastime is a guarantee of a great vacation effect.

Svetlana MAYAK