Barcelona – Real Madrid: El Clasico in the semifinal of the King’s Cup

Barcelona – Real Madrid: El Clasico in the semifinal of the King’s Cup


“Barcelona” – “Real Madrid” – today, on the night of February 6-7, at 01:00 Ashgabat time, on the MATCH channel!

From about the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century, the confrontation between “creamy” and “blue garnet” became universal and has survived to this day.

ORIENT, in collaboration with La Liga, invites readers to experience the atmosphere of the Camp Nou stadium, which is saturated with the spirit of resistance and elegant Spanish football..

According to the draw for the Spanish Cup semifinal in a couple against Barcelona, Real Madrid got it.

The first confrontation of the teams will take place on February 6, at 01:00, Turkmen time, the return meeting will be held in Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu from February 27 to 28 at the same time.

Football matches between the Catalan Barcelona and Real Madrid are one of the most important confrontations in the football world. The history of sporting rivalry is deeply rooted in the history of Spain. Madrid is the capital of the country, the seat of the government and the royal family.

Catalonia is an autonomous region in the north-east of the country, which has repeatedly tried to restore its independence from Spain. At the moment, achieved the status of autonomy, the official status of the Catalan language and the recognition of the Catalans nation, separate from the Spaniards.

History of meetings. Modern confrontation

This meeting will be the 238th official game of the teams, in terms of the number of victories there is a small margin in favor of Real Madrid, but Barsa has very close to cream in recent years. Madrid wins – 95, draws – 50, Barcelona wins – 92.

For the first time, in almost 11 years, “El Clasico” can pass without Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in trains. These players were not only the face of the entire Spanish championship, but also determined the confrontation between Barcelona and Real.

The Portuguese moved to Italian “Juventus” in the summer, leaving Real Madrid in a difficult position. And Messi was injured in the final round of La Liga, and most likely will not play. True, the Argentine just in case made in the application for the match, in case the doctors will be able to put him on his feet.

Once again we remind you that the game can be watched on the night of February 6-7 at 01:00, Turkmen time, on the MATCH channel!