Babamuratova: judo in Turkmenistan is becoming more popular among girls

Babamuratova: judo in Turkmenistan is becoming more popular among girls

In Ashgabat, the Open Judo Championship of the capital among girls born 2002-2004 and 2005-2007 is completed. Performing in various weight categories, young judokas from the regions of the country showed brilliant physical and technical training, the will to win.

“They even fight with their eyes,” the coach Tatyana Vladimirovna Vidyasova said, commenting the performances of her wards.

Indeed, looking at these combat female athletes, the one can see, here is the future of Turkmen judo, the one who would represent Turkmenistan with dignity at international competitions. Indeed, such events are held with the view of educating a new generation of judokas, searching for new talents.

Among the athletes, there are winners of international competitions. For example, Milana Charygulyeva (57kg), a bronze winner at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Gulbadam Babamuratova, many times judo champion of Turkmenistan, was among those who came to support the young judo wrestlers.

“Last years, judo is becoming more popular among girls. After all, when I trained, the female athletes were quite little,” judo champion shares in an interview to ORIENT. “Looking at youth, I can say that they have changed the judo technique and check on a player.”

Gulbadam came to support her younger sister, who compete for the first time. The famous athlete gave instructions to her, showed how to act in a particular situation.

“I want her to avoid mistakes that I once made,” the titled judoka says. “I also like to tell her interesting stories about the fight. Sports is hard and constant work on yourself.”