Awards presented to the winners of the Gulbaba children’s contest in Ashgabat

Awards presented to the winners of the Gulbaba children’s contest in Ashgabat

During the winter school holidays, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan welcomes guests every day. January 7, the smallest residents of the country gathered in a large exhibition hall. The reason for the celebration is, of course, the New Year’s holiday and the celebration of the laureates of the Gulbaba Children’s Prize.

The annual competition organized by the Central Council of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan brought together the most talented children from all regions in the capital – these are winners of subject Olympiads, young singers, dancers and musicians.

It is doubly pleasant to receive diplomas and incentives in a festive atmosphere, and this New Year’s meeting will surely be remembered by the guys for life.

“The purpose of the competition is to discover new talents, because every school has its own unique ones, the whole country should know about them,” says Kurbannazar Ovezov, representative of the Youth Organization.

This year 65 participants of the competition were awarded memorable diplomas. Among them are athletes, prize-winners of school olympiads and activists of amateur art groups.

The children’s award was established in honor of the gifted boy – Gulbaba Akiyev, the son of the famous musician Khan Akiyev. The boy, who has loved the sounds of the dutar since childhood, mastered this musical instrument at 4 years old, and by the age of five he knew by heart more than two hundred songs.