Avaza will host the world automotive industry show

Avaza will host the world automotive industry show

An international exhibition of world automobile production achievements “Turkmen Sahrasy 2019” will be organized as part of the Caspian Economic Forum to be held in Avaza, Turkmenistan, on August 11-12.

The show, which is organized, among others, by the Turkmenavtoulaglary State Agency will bring together representatives of the largest companies and prominent specialists in this field.

The exhibition will display the latest achievements and innovative technologies in the automotive industry. In particular, it will be possible to see the latest models of cars, spare parts for cars and trucks, special equipment. In addition, it will show equipment for the repair and maintenance of vehicles, tools for the production of automotive components, and related accessories.

The auto show will cover an area of ​​5.400 m2, which will allow for placing 120 cars. Business meetings and negotiations are to take place as part of the exhibition, one of the main goals of which is to create the automotive industry in Turkmenistan and attract innovative solutions to it.

Additional information on exhibitions holding and organization can be obtained on the official website “Turkmen sahrasy 2019”.

In addition, the Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies will be held as part of the 1st Caspian Economic Forum.

The Caspian Forum Organizing Committee continues to accept applications for participation. All interested parties can get detailed information on the websites cci.gov.tm and cefavaza2019.gov.tm.

The exhibition organizers can be also contacted by phones: +99312 388898, 398881.