Austrian Waagner Biro wants to build bridges in Turkmenistan

Austrian Waagner Biro wants to build bridges in Turkmenistan

The branch of Austrian company Waagner Biro «Bridge systems» wants to participate in transport projects in Turkmenistan. It was stated by regional sales manager Oswald Hatter.

– Our work consists in building bridges and to connect cities, countries, regions, markets, – he noted in his interview to the ORIENT. – We often participate in infrastructural transport projects and Turkmenistan for us – very perspective customer.

Being a convenient transport hub of the continent, Turkmenistan now actively develops logistical routes in all directions: and the Lapis lazuli corridor from Afghanistan to Turkey and Europe, and two-sided traffics with the neighbouring countries and routes to Turkmenbashi port and through the Caspian sea – to Azerbaijan.

It enters both into the strategy of revival of the Great Silk road connecting Europe and Asia throughout millennia, and the concept of reorientation from raw export to deliveries of production with high added cost: the goods from the processed hydrocarbons from factories in Kiyanly and Owadandepe, textiles, mineral fertilizers, agricultural products.

– We can offer Turkmenistan railway bridges as this type of transport is the most demanded for transportation of cargoes, bridges for motor transport, bridges through the rivers … And all of them will be earthquake-resisting and can maintain transport of big tonnage.

Besides it, Waagner Biro is interested in participation in building Ashgabat-city.

– We can construct any bridge – be it from steel, concrete or composite materials, any length, form, size. It concerns including, pedestrian bridges which can add a transport infrastructure of the city, make its more comfortable and safe.

Oswald Hatter notes that his company has over the last 5 years constructed more than 10 thousand bridges worldwide – from Chile to Indonesia. In the world only two countries where Waagner Biro has yet not constructed bridges and it is the USA and China.