Athletic dance team of Turkmenistan readies for Ashgabat 2017

The athletic dance of Turkmenistan is on course to make its mark in Ashgabat 2017 this September.

Ms. Fiza Ayvazova, the head of the athletic dance federation of Turkmenistan told Orient, “At the training camp in Belarus, the team has successfully worked at every move, every step. The training was strenuous but the every member of the team understands the challenge and continues to work tirelessly.”

She said that the cha-cha-cha, Jive, Rumba, and Paso Doble are among the lively American dances the team is working on.

The Turkmen team is composed of Valeriya Nepomnyashaya, Aleksandra Sisekin, Liliya Gogoleva, Meylis Atamuradov, Mariya Korchagina, Nikita Svyatelik, Darya Gokova, Tahir Shibekov, Anastasia Yuzhakova and Ahmed Gylydzhev in singles and pairs.

Ayvazova expressed hope that the debut of Turkmen dancers in Asia-2017 will give a powerful impact on the development of this beautiful category of sport in the country.

It is expected that in the Games about 6 thousand athletes from 62 countries of Asia and Oceans will participate in 21 kinds of sports.