Askar Mamin considers it is important to promote joint tourism in the Caspian Sea

Askar Mamin considers it is important to promote joint tourism in the Caspian Sea

The vast, mainly unrealized potential of the Caspian region is an important direction in enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation, Prime-minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin said, delivering a speech at the 1st Caspian Economic Forum. In this context, he proposed to take a number of joint measures in trade, investment, transport, energy and environmental ares.

These are attraction of foreign capital, development of international transport routes and services, public-private partnership mechanisms and introduction of new technologies.

According to Mamin, taking into account the logistics infrastructure of the Caspian littoral countries, it is possible to increase freight traffic from India and Iran along the North-South corridor through Turkmenistan with access to the central regions of Russia, as well as to northern Europe.

In addition, he pointed out the development of tourism in the Caspian Sea region. According to the least estimates, resorts of the Caspian Sea are avle to receive millions of tourists. In this regard, Mamin proposed the creation of a sectorial association of the Caspian statess, which will promote joint tourism projects in the Caspian Sea. The launch of tourist routes from the ports of the Caspian countries can be one of such new kinds.

“We would increase the tourists flow, develop tourism infrastructure, increase the number of people employed in the tourism and the volume of investments. Currently, Central Asian countries are negotiating a visa regime for tourists from third countries, which would stimulate tourism from non-CIS countries,” the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said.

He also proposed to create joint ventures with service companies from Astana in the energy industry and pointed out Kazakhstan’s ability to train qualified specialists for work in offshore fields.

At the same time, the Caspian region is promising for the development of most sources of renewable resources, such as solar power plants, hydropower. Mamin suggested to join efforts in conducting research on alternative energy, as well as integrated environmental monitoring of the Caspian Sea using a unified methodology and study of the Caspian seal population.

The first Caspian seal studies research and rehabilitation centre was opened in Kazakhstan on August 6, 2019, Askar Mamin said, adding that the opening of such centers in key habitats would save every injured sick seal in specialized conditions.

He also emphasized the importance of strengthening environmental measures to preserve the coastal zones of the Caspian Sea.