Ashraf Ghani won the presidential election in Afghanistan, gaining more than 50% of the vote

Ashraf Ghani won the presidential election in Afghanistan, gaining more than 50% of the vote

Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission announced the results of the presidential election held on September 28, 2019. As a result of the vote, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was declared the winner, running for a second term.

As previously noted by Afghanistan.Ru, the election campaign was accompanied by numerous reports of fraud. The process of counting the votes lasted more than 4 months, and the votes were repeatedly recounted as the results were checked and allegations of violations of the suffrage were processed.

At today’s press conference, IEC’s chairman Hava Alam Nuristani said that in the end, 1,823,948 votes were considered valid, the remaining were excluded from the calculation.

In accordance with the results of the voting, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani won 923,592 votes, making up 50.64% of the total. The second place in the presidential race was taken by the head of the executive branch Abdullah Abdullah – he got 720,841 votes, indicating the support of 39.52% of voters. The third was politician Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, for whom 70,241 citizens voted, making up 3.85% of the number of votes counted.

It is noteworthy that the percentage of votes that went to each politician exactly repeated the election results announced on December 22. Thus, the work of the Electoral Complaints Commission did not affect the voting results.

In accordance with Afghan law, a candidate who has secured the support of more than half of the voters wins the presidential election, and there is no need for a second round.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Ghani was declared the unconditional winner, with high probability the election results will be disputed. The vote accounting policy has been repeatedly criticized by representatives of various electoral blocs and civil society in general.