Ashkhabad New Year’s bazaars: fur-trees – for home for pleasure and beauty

Ashkhabad New Year’s bazaars: fur-trees – for home for pleasure and beauty

New Year’s fairs were unfolded in Ashkhabad, and their big sector was designated for sale of live fir-trees brought from Russia, and artificial ones – for all tastes. Someone considers it as necessary attribute of a winter holiday – fresh fur-tree aroma in the house, others prefer design “trees” which will help to create his own, author’s style of decoration.

The tradition of decoration of New Year trees has come from Germany. In 1513 German reformer Martin Luther after returning home on the eve of Christmas was admired by the beauty of heavenly stars and put on a house New Year’s table a fur-tree, having decorated it with candles. The fur-tree’s top was placed with a star.

Artificial fur-trees differ with their practicality and durability and they can be put from year to year, so the economy – is available. They do not drop a needle on the floor, their choice on the decor and dimensions is huge, and it is possible to take at once with ornaments, with musical accompaniment, complete with accompanying surroundings.

And the view, texture and smell of a live fur-tree represent an exclusive format. Process of purchase of a live fur-tree, a campaign behind it and the choice, installation of a tree in the house and process of fixing toys, beads, lanterns, garlands, “rains” always leave the most pleasant impressions and memoirs. He purchase of a natural fur-tree can cost even more cheaply, than artificial, thus you will be pleased with thought that you have got a non-polluting product.

On the fur-tree market often there are fur-tree branches, it is possible to make a New Year’s wreath of them. It does not take a lot of place and will decorate any surface and space – they everywhere look very elegantly. It is also possible to buy small fur-tree trees in pots and to decorate their natural «things» – small tangerines, nuts and others. After the holiday it is better to replant it in the earth in the yard of the house or summerhouse, having made your personal eco-action.

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