Ashgabat will host powerlifting competitions to be held in

Ashgabat will host powerlifting competitions to be held in

The Ashgabat Classic Powerlifting Championship will be held on March 18-19. Men and women will compete for the title of champions in weight classes from 43 to over 120 kilograms and from 40 to 84 kilograms, respectively.

The Championship venue will be the city Vocational School No. 7. The competition program includes three basic power disciplines: squats with a barbell, bench press and deadlift. In classic powerlifting, athletes attempt at the highest weight, maximally loading the bar with weight plates.

– The competitions are held by the City Tourism and Sport Committee, Igor Zeynalov, coach of the 5th Sports School explains. – Athletes taking exercises in fitness clubs are invited to compete. The main thing is that the participant knows well the rules of classic events. In powerlifting, there are many nuances that distinguish this sport from weightlifting.

According to the powerlifting rules, all athletes in competitions are divided into categories based on their weight, gender and age. Three attempts are allowed for each event. Total points for all elements make up the final score of the athlete. The athlete who lifts the most weight wins.

– The main goal of the competitions is to build a team of athletes to perform at the country championship, Igor Sabirovich continues. – Powerlifting is an accessible sport practiced by many former sportspeople, including football players, athletes, and wrestlers. Someone just goes to a fitness center, and then, looking at athletes, gets involved and advances to a professional level.

Preparation for serious powerlifting practice should begin in childhood. But before proceeding to power exercises, the child must grow stronger. It is better for a young athlete to begin with gymnastics training, since it develops muscle flexibility, coordination of movements and general physical fitness.

– There are fewer women in powerlifting than men, but here they are making progress. One example is Lydia Kukina who has become the best in city competitions. Once the girl was engaged in wrestling, where she won a lot of victories and received the title of goresh champion. Then she was interested in arm wrestling, and now we are preparing for the city powerlifting championship. I would like to mention another trainee of mine, who is now a trainer, Svetlana Voiko. As the master of sports and winner of several championships, now she herself prepares young athletes for competitions.