Ashgabat volunteers: being a volunteer means making the world better

Ashgabat volunteers: being a volunteer means making the world better

The Y-PEER Youth Network of Turkmenistan has celebrated the International Volunteer Day.

Energetic young people with an active civic position – volunteers or as they call themselves – goodwill ambassadors, existed at all times. And the holiday established at the 40th session of the UN General Assembly in 1985, is still celebrated on December 5 as the “International Day of Volunteers for Economic and Social Development”.

The main task of each volunteer is to render grand assistance through the provision of their knowledge and skills. Guys propagate a healthy lifestyle, hold educational meetings and trainings, interact with youth around the world.

– The Y-PEER Youth Centers exist in many countries. In Turkmenistan, we were opened in 2011, our volunteer teams are in Ashgabat and Mary, – says Aigozel Muhamedova, coordinator of the youth center. – It is already becoming a tradition for fellows to take prestigious places by participating in international volunteer competitions. This year, Shukurgeldy Myradov and Alisher Gulamov participated in the Preventive Diplomacy Academy, held in several Central Asian countries, where they presented their project and won a grant for its implementation.

“Asiavision” is a project for the development of intercultural communication, prepared by volunteers of the Ashgabat Y-PEER Center, aimed at familiarization of young people with the culture of different countries through presentations: tasting cuisines, demonstration of national dances and traditional costumes. Shukurgeldy Myradov and Alisher Gulamov had a chance to meet with high-ranking officials of the Central Asian countries and to express their thoughts on ecology, environmental protection and gender equality at the round table.

– In 2017, I became a Y-PEER volunteer, – says Shukurgeldy. – This event was a crucial moment that influenced on my formation as a person. Being a volunteer for me is, first of all, to be a goodwill ambassador, to develop leadership qualities and communication skills, and secondly to be involved in cause and try to make the world better.

Summing up the results of the departing 2019, the Turkmen volunteers recalled all the events, held during this time. Volunteers visited summer health camps with their presentations and trainings, telling peers about the importance of hygiene and the healthy lifestyle. During seven days of activity, the volunteers carried out a lot of work, which was noted by certificates and an international award of the head center.

– Once the concept of “equal-to-equal” seemed something new and strange, now I noticed that in many textbooks such technique is introduced, where an equal person teaches an equal one. And maybe one part of this concept spread was made by us – volunteers of Y-PEER, – said Guncha Annageldyeva – the leader of volunteers.

Many natives of Ashgabat and Mary volunteer centers have left for different countries, but continue to be members of the “orange family”: bright T-shirts are one of the symbols of the volunteer movement. Chicago, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many other foreign “colleagues” send video congratulations to the guys from Turkmenistan.

– We always welcome new persons in our ranks, and if somebody wants to join our volunteer squad, you are welcome!