Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed highway: construction is gaining momentum

Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed highway: construction is gaining momentum

More than 400 dump trucks, bulldozers, graders, excavators and other special equipment work at the first road segment of the future Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed highway, according to “Turkmen Autobahn” CJSC.

Topographic and land measuring surveys have already been completed along the route segment. There, the vegetation layer is cut off, the soil is removed to the established level, sites for the construction of infrastructure and engineering facilities are being prepared. At the same time, the mines and the production of inert materials along with their transportation are being organized as well as land issues are being considered.

As of today, along the first autobahn segment, four construction sites of private contractor companies, such as Altyn Nesil, Hyzmat Merkesi, Oguz Yol and Nusay yollary, have been established. There are offices for staff, living quarters, warehouses, materials and equipment areas along with down roads at the construction sites.

600-kilometer long Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed six-row highway is designed according to the standards of the 1st technical category. The route starts at the 24th kilometer of Ashgabat-Dashoguz road.

The first part of the highway Ashgabat-Tejen (220 km) will be opened in 2020, the second section, Tejen-Mary (160 km) – in 2022 and the third from Mary to Turkmenabat (220 km) in 2023.

According to “Turkmen Autobahn” CJSC, 7 road interchanges will be built on the highway: near the village of Artyk (the 105th km of the highway), two – near the city of Tedjen (200 and 224 km), near the city of Mary (377 km) and the city of Yoloten (384 km), near the village of Zahmet (441 km) and at the entry to the city of Turkmenabat (600 km).

In addition, about 23 overpasses and 25 small bridges across the highway, as well as special passages for agricultural equipment, domestic and wild animals, and other total 237 facilities will also be built.

The highway will have payment terminals, parking areas, vehicle service areas equipped with technical service points, petrol stations and rest areas, including motels, shops, public catering facilities, pharmacies, etc. The traffic will be controlled by special system of video surveillance, which will collect, store and transfer all data of the traffic to traffic control service. Special telephone stations connected with control centre for emergency calls and assistance will be located along the highway.

“Turkmen Autobahn” CJSC concluded a contract with VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH, Austria, and this independent, high tech oriented consulting firm will provide consulting services and hold expertise on the construction of Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed highway and all accompanying facilities.