Ashgabat to celebrate the anniversary of the Turkmen-Austrian society

Ashgabat to celebrate the anniversary of the Turkmen-Austrian society

On December 7, concert of the Turkmen-Austrian Galkynysh Symphony Orchestra dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Turkmen-Austrian Society will be held at the Makhtumkuli National Music and Drama Theatre of Turkmenistan.

The Society was established in August 2008, being another important step in the popularization of Turkmen culture. Thanks to its activity, Europeans know more about Turkmenistan – the heart of the Great Silk Road, its history and traditions.

Founded in 2009, the Galkynysh Orchestra gathered prominent Turkmen and Austrian musicians performing works by outstanding Turkmen – Nury Halmamedov, Chary Nurymov – and European composers – Beethoven, Mozart, Puccini, and many others.

On December 8, the presentation of the next issue of the Galkynysh magazine, published since December 2009, will be held at the International University for the Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan.

“We very much hope that on the pages of our magazine the Austrians will be able to meet and love this beautiful country, the hospitality and mentality of the Turkmen people, its national art and culture, as well as the people of Turkmenistan will have the opportunity to get closer to Austria as the center of European and world culture and art” said in the first issue of the magazine.

For nine years, the magazine has adhered to all the same goals, remaining a bridge of friendship between two countries.