Ashgabat taxi drivers have put on protective masks. Why?

Ashgabat taxi drivers have put on protective masks. Why?

Drivers of public transport of Ashgabat since Monday have started to work in protective medical masks. Coronavirus anyway has already made almost the whole world to wear these masks, but for Turkmen nationals they are unusual, after all, by the reports of the medical authorities of cases of disease COVID-19 in Turkmenistan is not registered.

However, at the sight of Ashgabat taxi drivers in the protective masks, some townspeople have drawn conclusions that coronavirus is somewhere absolutely nearby.

The editorial office of ORIENT has also become interested in it. While, judging by the materials which have appeared at the disposal of edition, results are the prosiest.

According to recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, for the purpose of decrease of natural exogenous impact because of possible change of composition of air and rise of substances maintained in it above the norm, health care providers, shops, public transport and other workers of sphere of services should use medical masks – for protection of the upper respiratory ways.

The same recommendations are given to people with allergic and chronic diseases.