Ashgabat resident walked 29 kilometers on the occasion of the Independence Day of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat resident walked 29 kilometers on the occasion of the Independence Day of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan celebrated the country’s Independence Day. The military parade was held on the main square of Ashgabat on September 27. During the day, concerts and cultural events took place, and the evening ended with colorful fireworks.

Meanwhile, Ashgabat resident and longtime acquaintance of ORIENT Ilmurat Ashirov organized a personal walking marathon on the occasion of the 29th year of Turkmenistan’s independence, having walked 29 kilometers along the streets of the holiday city.

– I left the house at 5 o’clock in the morning – Ilmurat tells. – I went to Archabil Avenue. My route ran through the streets and lanes, and my main desire was to walk exactly 29 kilometers, to celebrate the significant date. I did not feel fatigue at all, and by one o’clock in the afternoon, I could complete my walking marathon, having reached the destination.

Ilmurat is 58 years old. He has been walking long distances for 10 years. Many years of experience of leisurely walk helped improve health and enjoy a taste of life. Traveling around Turkmenistan only on foot, he, to his surprise, has discovered many new things that he has not noticed before.

– I am a very emotional person and by the nature of my activity I am not used to idle away the time at home on the couch, the pensioner says. – I like to observe the Turkmen nature, wander around the city new buildings, roads and bridges.

Once, Ilmurat Ashirov walked from Ashgabat to Abadan, spending a day on the way. The longest distance he covered walking was 650 kilometers. Having traveled from Turkmenabat to Kunyaurgench in 12 days, Ilmurat set his own record.

He travels light, taking along only green tea and bread with butter oil. A light snack helps support the immune system and fills with strength for the further journey.

Every 15 kilometers, he stops to rest. Accurately records the distances traveled by him through the mobile application in the phone. Moving at a calm pace, Ilmurat walks about 5 kilometers per hour, and walks have become an essential part of his daily routine.

– I will start a new walking marathon soon. Our homeland is on the threshold of a significant date – the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality, so I set a new goal for myself. Every day for 25 days I will walk 25 kilometers to celebrate the anniversary. No, of course, this is not a feat, but I’m just interested in being in unity with myself, with my body and with the whole country.

ORIENT already told about pensioner Hudaykuli Orazkuliev’s hiking tours, and as it turned out, an Ashgabat resident is not the only person who goes on a long journey on foot.