Ashgabat Museum of Fine Arts presented an art project under the slogan of the Year

Ashgabat Museum of Fine Arts presented an art project under the slogan of the Year

An exhibition of works by Turkmen artists, dedicated to the motto of the International Year of Peace and Trust, opened in the Ashgabat Museum of Fine Arts, presenting paintings that are in tune with the theme. This consonance is in the harmony of feelings, the calm life of people, the beauty of nature, the happiness of motherhood.

The exhibition is opened with a canvas by the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Almamedov, painted in 1987, Let’s Grant Children the Globe. 

The Link of Three Times triptych by Tajigul Kurbanova, where the past, present and future appear in a steady flow of being, attracts attention with bright national ornaments.

Vladimir Bagdasaryan’s work Harvest Festival conveys the spirit of unity and a state of merry bothers. The picture, where women of different generations gathered around one tamdyr on the occasion of a family festivity, expresses the tradition of continuity and generosity of the people’s soul.

Seiitjemaletdin Mosque, A Piece of the Moon works by the young artist Mekan Nuryagdyev also surprised visitors of the exhibition. In his works, he emphasizes the careful preservation of cultural and national values, and compares the beauty and tenderness of women with the moon effulgence, illuminating the dark sky.

It is impossible to overpass the famous painting of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Yevgenia Adamova Mother’s Happiness. A Turkmen woman, like a goddess, carries a baby, whom for her caring and affectionate hands are the whole world.

Not only the Turkmen public is familiar with the works of Inga Pavlovskaya. She has repeatedly presented her works in Germany, Russia, Poland and other countries. Her landscape Blooming Spring embodies the sense of peace and serenity of thoughts in splendid twinkling of nature evocation.

Along with painting, the exhibition also presents decorative and applied art. Exquisite jewelry made of silver and cupronickel by Aijemal Charyeva, full of the hearth warmth, the works by ceramic artists Maral Atayeva and Hezret Annageldiev and other masters not only bestow an aesthetic impression, but attract some inner, sunny-radiant and very positive energy, which a peaceful life is woven from.