Ashgabat kids celebrate New Year in the company of Uncle Ashir

Ashgabat kids celebrate New Year in the company of Uncle Ashir

Uncle Ashir is a favorite of Turkmen children, kids love to watch television programs with the participation of this host. The fact is that the merry fellow speaks the same language with the children, and age boundaries are erased at the moment when, after another joke of Uncle Ashir, the laughter of boys and girls is heard.

On the stage of the Vatan cinema and concert hall on New Year’s Eve, entertaining mornings are held with the participation of Grandfather Frost, Snow Maid and, of course, Uncle Ashir. Each child can chat with a famous comedian, recite a rhyme and shake his hand.

The program of an interactive concert for children: contests, funny puzzles, songs, dances and sweet surprises for their active participation. Even adults who come with their children cannot sit still and get involved in the action on stage.

“We have been coming here for the second year to celebrate our favorite holiday,” says Serdar Meredov, chairman of the trade union of the Ashgabat locomotive depot. “The children are very fond of Uncle Ashir, they always ask when will we go visit him again?” They are happy to run to the stage, asking their parents to take a picture of them as a keepsake with their hero.

The children’s show sweeps in one breath, the kids have time to have fun from the heart, get a charge of positive emotions and get acquainted with the work of talented peers. All songs at the concert are performed by Muhammet Togrulbek, the grandson of the famous Turkmen singer and composer Sabo Artykov.

Elegant kids especially for the long-awaited holiday choose fabulous carnival costumes. Little princesses surprise with exquisite hairstyles and ball gowns, and the boys choose for themselves the images of brave heroes and quickly solve the most tricky puzzles of Uncle Ashir.

Fun parties with Uncle Ashir will last until December 29, inclusive. If you want to give your baby a real New Year’s holiday, then go to the Vatan cinema and concert hall, there is a lot of fun these days. The performance begins every day at 16:00.