Ashgabat is to host the first professional skill contest among young workers

Ashgabat is to host the first professional skill contest among young workers

On January 21, Ashgabat will host the first contest among primary and secondary vocational schools of Turkmenistan in professional skills. The event, organized by the Ministry of Education, will bring together young qualified workers, students from all regions of the country.

The purpose of the contest is to enhance the motivation and improve students’ practical skills, cultivate a love for their future profession and identify new talents. A large-scale event will take place within the Ashgabat Construction Secondary Vocational School of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan.

The contestants will demonstrate their abilities in four areas: bricklaying, electrical installation, cooking and tailoring. The organizers prepared a single task for each category, which the participant has to perform within the allotted time. For example, they should build a brick structure featuring national ornaments, prepare pilaf, a vegetable salad and pishme, or make a traditional Turkmen dress with embroidery.

A competent jury will assess the work according to such criteria as workmanship, design and faultlessness, skills in using tools. Each contestant can score a total of maximum 100 points.

Competitions of professional skill are also held on the world level under the auspices of the WorldSkills International Movement. They are aimed at raising the prestige of working professions and developing vocational education.

Turkmenistan is interested in participating in WorldSkills championships, which take place once every two years. The next championship will be held in Shanghai in 2021.