Ashgabat House of Officers as a creative platform for young talents

Ashgabat House of Officers as a creative platform for young talents

The International Day of Music was celebrated on October 1st all over the world, and the Atayev family from Ashgabat did not pass by the holiday. In their home, where almost everyone is related to the art of music, melodies and songs sound every day. The head of the family, Mergen Atayev, has three sons, in whom he, as a loving parent, embodies the dreams of his childhood.

As a young man, Mergen visited the regional Palace of Culture, where he learned to sing well. With his peers, he traveled all over Turkmenistan, singing in a concert program as a performer. But after serving in the army, the young singer has forever linked his life with military specialization.

Today Mergen Atayev is responsible for creative circles and sections of the Central House of Officers of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan. Leading a small tour of the halls in which the military personnel, as well as boys and girls are engaged, the officer told how to instill in children a love of music and art from an early age.

Mekan and Mukam, the sons of an officer, began performing in public from early childhood. The elder is studying clarinet at the music school, and the younger is studying the flute. By the way, Mukam is the owner of the Gulbaba Children’s Art Prize. At 11, he is one of the most recognizable young vocalists. The brothers perform solo and in a duet at major concerts, star in music videos, TV shows and manage to participate in theatrical performances.

“I myself once dreamed of singing,” says Mergen. – And, although my life is entirely connected with military service, I do not give up my passion for vocals. Seeing how I sing and play music, the children themselves became interested in music. In addition to playing musical instruments of their specialization, they have additional hobbies – deprek (drum) and violin. We record joint compositions, like a real musical family, sometimes we even compose something of our own, since my work is military, but creative.

The children were able to reveal their talents, following the example of their father. And it’s not only his children that Mergen helps to find something for the soul and development. At work in the Central House of Officers of the city of Ashgabat, the ‘musical’ dad has a whole laboratory for training young musicians, translators, artists and athletes. At the House of Officers there is a unique museum of military glory of Turkmenistan, a library equipped with computers and many educational circles for children.

Here children learn foreign languages, dances of the peoples of the world, chess, aikido, music, drawing and much more. Anyone can sign up for a library or creative section. For children and adolescents, the Officers’ House becomes the first platform where they can not only reveal, but also show their talents to parents and the public.

Annually, in the large hall of the House of Officers, designed for more than 800 spectators, reporting concerts are held by pupils from different sections. Exhibitions of young artists, chess competitions and other interesting events are organized. Schoolchildren who have been attending courses at the House of Officers for several years now share only positive impressions.

And this is not surprising, officers and servicemen in military uniform, whom many guys saw only at the parade, and then on TV, are here nearby and literally accompany young talents. The spirit of patriotism reigns in the House of Officers; meetings with veterans and heroes of labor are held on an ongoing basis.

Once upon a time, the sons of Mergen also performed on the stage of the House of Officers. By organizing various concert programs, the officer also shows himself as an experienced vocalist. And after talking with the musical family of the Atayevs, you understand that you cannot dedicate just one specific day for music, it accompanies a person everywhere and always.